What women want in 2016?

What does 2016 look like for you? What are your big plans? Any resolutions too? As we began to figure out the plans for the next year, we came across a very interesting revelation in the form of a survey and we are sharing the same for you. As for our plans for 2016, we will share them shortly with you.
For now, here is the report.
Revealing key insights for brand marketers, integrated comms firms Makovsky and marketing and media platform SheSpeaks, this week announced results of the What Women Want: 2016 survey, demonstrating that women are focused squarely—and equally—on improving both personal and financial health in 2016. Nearly 1,700 survey respondents declared their most important goals in 2016 to be money/financial goals (40%) and health/wellness goals (41%).
In fact, nearly two thirds of respondents (63%) said they anticipate increasing their focus on personal financial management in 2016, and more than half (51%) declared they would rather hire a fitness trainer or nutritionist than a financial advisor, interior decorator or personal shopper in the year ahead
You can have the complete report at :
So, at PoolWallet we would like to suggest you – if you are a woman – why don’t you also be a part of the trend? And in case, you are a lucky man to have been bought up by a loving woman or have many women that are special to your life as sisters, friends, colleagues, bosses, teammates – why don’t you encourage them to invest in their financial planning and health?
Ask us how and we would like to help you and more men and women in your life.

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