Top 10 Highway Dhabas Around Delhi You Must Drop In


If there is one phrase that can easily summarize the culture of North India it would be its gastronomic indulgence. Dhabas around Delhi, the capital of India, especially on the highway towards Chandigarh are not just the eating joints, but delineate an institution in themselves. This is one highway that offers a link between Delhi and Punjab, cities of whose vibrancy, innumerable tales have been written about. The road also bridges the cosmopolitan culture of Delhi with its desi half- Punjab.

Coming to the point, the dhabas that were originally meant to be the humbler selves of posh restaurants earlier, have undergone a metamorphosis today. They are not just the small traditional eating joints that used to cater to the travelers travelling by but have co-opted the posh ensemble to embellish themselves. Let us look at atleast 10 of such dhabas on Delhi- Chandigarh Manali highway that have intermeshed tradition with modernity and have donned a contemporary avatar, although keeping their desi self intact. Traditional Punjabi food now comes to entice you in a glamorous shape now.

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Article originally published at Triphobo.


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