Power of Community



“Remember, we all stumble, every one of us. That’s why it’s a comfort to go hand in hand.” ~Emily Kimbrough

Until recent times, community used to be defined by the group of people living in the immediate location. In the new times, lack of time spent with people around in neighbourhood has redefined community to be more about people from your social network, your work place, your study place.

The key challenge that individuals face in contributing towards or seeking from community support is not lack of interest. Instead, its lack of time to be able to reach out to those one needs to with all specific details in one go. Though there are tools available to do so, lack of awareness makes it look like a tedious job to reach out to community.

Car Pooling is a very strong use case of how community support is getting more organized. There are sites like Wishberry and Bitgiving, that can help. The fact that Freecharge came up with adding the names of people for whom you frequently recharge mobiles for – is another small exercise of community building and supporting.

community Motivation

Here are 6 ways to leverage your community :

  1. Travel together  – Go to a platform that offers best travel packages, for group travels and buy one together. You get better rates, and at the same time you get to live life with real humans than virtual ones online.
  2. Gift together – Anytime you plan to gift someone you love, make it more meaningful. Come together and gift something big, something that individual would want and would be able to make use of.
  3. BOGO – While shopping online, keep an eye on BOGOs – Buy One Get One offers. Come together with your folks and make the best of it.
  4. Events – Instead of booking individual tickets – go for bulk booking. Will help you get better rates and more discounts and seats together for you and your known ones!!
  5. Weekend depression – Shoo away your weekend depressions with tons of adventure sports packages offered. Pick a set of your besties and go for it!!
  6. Social Causes – You feel strongly for a cause – initiate a pool amongst your community – contribute some money and then contribute efforts. This is one of he best feel good therapy –  Helping others 🙂

Screenshot_2016-05-29-13-40-58-276          Screenshot_2016-05-29-13-41-22-345

But the challenge as mentioned above, is where is the time. How to achieve any or all of these without investing much time and effort.

PoolWallet offers a great pooling platform and are open to pool against products or their costs.

It is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store!!

Pool for products , experiences, services, travel packages, adventure trips, gifting for wedding, baby showers, happy birthdays, festivals etc…

Leverage your community – your immediate network and make every event an opportunity to make it large!!



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