Thoughts behind gifting!


O Henry, a well renowned English author, talked about gifting in his most famous short story titled The Gift of Magi. The story deals with a newly married couple who realize, through a rather peculiar turn of events, that the material benefits of a gift are largely irrelevant and it is truly the thought that counts.

In the modern fast-paced World, gifting has lost its old-world charm and has been reduced down to being a tedious process of equating numbers and prices and exchange rates, but what we fail to realise, as we’re busy scaling stores for the perfect gift, is that meaningful gifting, like a painting or a sonnet, is best understood and practiced not from the superficial strokes, but by the emotion it evinces in the onlooker or, in this case, the receiver.


A gift should represent friendship, gratitude, and selflessness and should not involve fretting over equal contributions and ease of delivery. When something as expensive as a bottle of finest wine and something as cheap as a pen bought at the neighborhood stationary shop brings the same smile on one’s face and makes one feel the same speechlessness – the same breathlessness – that is when the gift is truly meaningful.


Author note: An easier way to make your gift meaningful is allow the receiver to validate the gift list before shipping. Open a gift bag for your friend at poolwallet – allow your friend to choose the gifts. Do single checkout at poolwallet instead of tracking different gifts at different sites.


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