Psychological Benefits Of Gifting

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According to Webster’s dictionary, a “gift” is defined as, “ something voluntarily transferred from one person to another without compensation”. Ever really thought about how the receiver feels after you gift him or her something? Their face probably lights up with happiness on receiving it. Also, keeping in mind that you were thoughtful enough to give them something on that special occasion. And, even better if there wasn’t any occasion at all and yet you gave that person something. But apart from the receiver, you know who else also feels good? You!

Researchers at the University of British Columbia and Harvard University have studied that greater happiness lies more in giving than in receiving. The act of gifting objects or anything in particular gives you immense joy and satisfaction. So, there are indeed many psychological benefits of gifting, let’s read about them!


  1. Gifting gives you happiness


            Engaging in altruistic behaviour releases endorphins in the brain which produces positive and happy feelings. So, gifting your loved ones or the ones you care for does indeed make you feel happy in the inside.



  1.      It evokes feelings of gratification

         Gifting evokes feelings of gratitude in you and makes you feel thankful for all the things around. It makes you feel generous and makes you optimistic about your life over all. So, shouldn’t you be gifting or giving more?


  1.     Sense of satisfaction

       Gifting gives you pure joy and pleasure, it makes you feel relieved and glad when you see contentment on the receiver’s face as well.



  1.  Gifting is good for our health

      In the book, “Good things happen to good people” by Stephen Post, he says that gifting others has shown an increase in health benefits in people who have multiple sclerosis and chronic illness. It helps reduce tension and stress, also increases your lifespan!



  1.  Gifting is infectious

     When we engage in gifting, we’re also sending out a message in our circle of friends or family to share their generosity with others. We spread feelings of warmth among each other and that triggers a feeling of giving and sharing in others as well.

After all, sharing is caring !



So, we do benefit a lot of things and this should only make us engage further in the art of gifting and in making our loved ones happy! Moreover, making ourselves the happiest.



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