PoolWallet: Your next best friend


Doesn’t it often happen that you want to gift a close friend of yours something which she/he’d love but unfortunately it’s too expensive. Or, maybe you want your friends, colleagues, family members to pool in for someone’s birthday or a wedding gift but it’s too much of a hassle to keep reminding them to pay the money and so on. So, here is PoolWallet, a social gifting platform which ends all our worries. You could create events that are important to celebrate and you could invite your friends to join the platform and create gift bags. And, once you’re sure of what to gift to a person, each one of you can contribute towards the gift bag, pool in the money and Voila, your gift reaches your loved ones!

To make sure that the receiver approves and likes the gift so you can send the gift bag to her or him via email. They can edit and customize that gift according to their convenience in terms of colour, size (if it’s a clothing piece) and they can even change the item if they do not like it. A single checkout is also available at the website where if one chooses to put many items in the gift bag from different shopping websites, they can make the payment on the PoolWallet website itself.


Source: http://giphy.com/gifs/doctor-who-shocked-gif-42k1WHX6mNpSM

If you’re in a dilemma  what to gift your best friend or a colleague, PoolWallet also offers the option of Recommendation engine. With this option, you could fill in certain details about the person you want to gift to, and PoolWallet comes to your aid by giving you suggestions as to what to gift that person! Isn’t that great?

A plus point is that you can even help an NGO by fulfilling their wish list (their procurement needs) and bringing a smile on someone’s face. To know where your contribution actually ends up going, you even receive a thank you note from the respective person at the NGO.

So, make PoolWallet your new companion and register today!


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