What Your Gift-Giving Habits Say About You ?


Is there a season to gift? Well, Gifting is a year round phenomenon – that happens almost out of habit. We want it to be thoughtful but do we really invest that time in knowing our giftee? Do we have that kind of time at our disposal for the same.

Lets face the most anxious moments of gifting someone special.

I have no idea what to give my significant other. Does that mean I don’t know my partner well enough?

My best friend gave me a gift I hate. Do my friends not know me as well as I think they do?

Every year, I take a lot of time picking gifts I think my family members will like. But they always appear disappointed. What does that say about our relationship?

I only buy giftcards. What’s the big deal?

What does re-gifting say about me?

If these are your typical worries about gifting read on the article we found for you – http://healthland.time.com/2013/12/06/do-you-buy-your-spouse-the-same-thing-every-year-what-your-gift-giving-habits-say-about-you/

For meaningful gifting log on to http://www.poolwallet.com.


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